Don’t Fall for The Whatsapp Forwards. Common Covid-19 Myths

You know what is dangerous than the virus itself. It’s the rumours surrounding it. Especially aided by social media, the messages are forwarded on the drop of a hat. No cross checking- Nill- Nada. The overwhelming majority of our population is just rational enough to call out an obvious falsehood.


Below are some of the Untruths Circulated heavily on social media.

Applying Bleaching powder will “cure” us of virus.

NO. Bleaching powder do not kill the viruses inside the body. Though it can be used as a potential disinfectant., one needs to make sure the spraying of bleaching powder is kept away from reaching eyes and mouth.

Only Older people are at risk.

Well going by the statistics mortality rate is indeed higher for the older adults but it is majorly because they are more likely to have some or other form of pre-existing medical conditions. So those people who come under the bracket 40 suffer from any pre-existing respiratory disability or even have less immune power are also at higher risk.

“It’s just a flu”

Although both Flu and Covid-19 have some similar symptoms, the Covid-19 is ought to be taken a lot more seriously as studies show that in some cases the patients who recovered have undergone irreversible lung damage. You see, it’s not “Just a Flu”.

“If we come in contact of Covid-19, we die”

Although the cases of death flash in front of your T.V screens the patients being recovered from this disease is even higher. Infact if you go by the mortality rate in Italy it is around 8-10%. So yeah not everybody who comes in contact with it dies.

Gargling with Warm water will kill the virus present in throat.

A lot of messages on social media seem to believe that coronavirus for the first few days resides in our throats and only then pass down to the rest of the organs. There is absolutely no research backing the statement above. Although Gargling does provide some respite if one happens to be suffering from cold.


We all are susceptible to be gullible at one point of time or other. Lets not propagate falsehoods and refrain from circulating anything related to this epidemic without a proper fact finding.


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