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Smile Design treatment is a cosmetic treatment which focuses on improving the appearance of your smile through certain procedures such as dental veneers, teeth whitening, composite bonding and tooth implant which improves the aesthetics of a smile. People suffering from dental problems like decayed teeth, bacterial plaque and calculus, stains , tooth loosening, cracked tooth, missing tooth, non-aligned teeth, overlapping teeth, people who have gaps in between teeth go for this treatment.

The discoloured or stained tooth may make you look aged and dull, where a well-shaped bright set of teeth gives you a perfect smile. Non aligned teeth, overlapping teeth and spacing in between teeth can be evenly aligned with the help of improved veneers in smile designing treatment. Tooth implantation can be done in case of the missing tooth which makes your smile confident. The orthodontist or cosmetic surgeon would examine if your teeth are in correct proportion and provide you with the required treatment. Smile Designing treatment not only focuses on your teeth but also makes your lips and cheeks look good so that you get a perfect smile and a flawless makeover look.


A Dental Cusp (pronounced as KASP) is a elevation or prominence on the tooth surface which helps in cutting, biting and chewing.

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