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Conventional Braces

Any correction of misaligned teeth can be done using orthodontic braces. In Conventional braces, brackets and arch-wires are used to move the teeth into pre-planned position depending on the case. Each bracket is fixed to individual tooth and arch-wire is slotted into them. As the arch-wire is tightened using light force with elastic bands the teeth gradually move into the desired position.

Usually recommended for children above the age of 12 years, young adults and in a few cases older patients too. The brackets are made up of either metal or ceramic. Metal brackets are made of stainless steel which is visible in the mouth and also come in different colours. The ceramic brackets, on the other hand, are made of porcelain which blends with the colour of the teeth and more aesthetically pleasing.

The duration of treatment depends on case to case and severity of mal-alignment which can range from 12 to 24 months.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are the latest technology in the orthodontics dentistry. Enhancing self-esteem and physical confidence, invisible braces offer an esthetic and barely visible alternative to conventional wire or bracket braces. This is ideal for the people who want their teeth to be straightened but are conscious about their appearance and do not want wires to be shown from their teeth while undergoing the treatment. The option of invisible braces helps remove some of the stigma as well as discomfort in the people. This process can straighten crooked teeth without the use of metal, ceramic, wires or any lingual brackets. Invisible braces are often used as an option instead of traditional metal braces.

Invisible braces can be used to treat the following conditions: Overbite or overjet, Crowded or widely spaced teeth and Crooked teeth. These braces work just like the conventional ones and correct irregular or protruding teeth.

Everybody wants a great smile, but a lot of us need help getting there. More and more people are having success with clear orthodontic devices like invisible braces. People who are running short of time can go for this invisible braces process. This treatment is painless.

Regular appointments with your orthodontist are highly recommended. Your clear aligners must be well looked after. You should always remember to remove them before eating or drinking anything other than water. Also, brush your teeth after every meal so that you avoid staining your invisible braces.


A Dental Cusp (pronounced as KASP) is a elevation or prominence on the tooth surface which helps in cutting, biting and chewing.

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