5 Foods to Avoid for A Good Set of Teeth



People following diet regimen carefully monitor what goes into their Plates. Depending on their Goals they decided upon how many calories they should shed and what foods would help them achieve their goals. The same applies for Dental health too but more often than not people don’t really pay attention to the impacts various foods and beverages have over their Dental health.

Just like diet is key to our weight goals, our food intake also play a crucial part in Dental health. Therefore it is important to know about foods that can negatively impact our dental health.


5 foods you should avoid for a healthier set of  teeth.

  1. Coffee– With changing times the jobs are getting irregular with respect to their timings. Changing duty shifts as well as increased work hours take a toll on Sleep patterns. To counter this drowsiness a lot of people are increasingly resorting towards Coffee.  The drawback with coffee being the added sugar. Most people can’t have coffee without adding sugar and sugary foods are always bad for dental health.
  2. Soft Drinks– Soft drinks are a big time offender when it comes to dental health. They can trigger Tooth decay because of its aciding content as well as having loads of sugars. If you do happen to have a soft drink make sure you drink a glass of water too as it rinses away some of the sugars from your teeth.
  3. Alcohol– Alcohol makes the mouth dry and the lack of saliva is never good for your oral health. A dry mouth is more susceptible to gum diseases and tooth decay. So drink plenty of water to avoid mouth dryness.
  4. Candies –  This needs no introduction. It is well known that candies are heavy on sugars and can negatively impact your oral health. So cut down as much as you can and try and  have a substitute for candies for your children.
  5. Popcorn – For a lot of folks watching movies and having a bucket of popcorn goes hand in hand. Popcorn although lacks sugars compared to other foods in this list can still be harmful for your dental health as it has a tendency of getting stuck in your teeth. Make sure to properly rinse your teeth or better yet try to floss it to be sure.

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